Disguise and UE4 Learning Quest

General / 06 September 2021

Edge Runner is a personal virtual production learning quest and a submission for Disguise and UE4 challenge. Mister Visual and I are joining forces on this first joint co-op together and the goal is to test out different workflows
and integration of r19 and UE4. 

Unreal Engine 4 DMX Test

General / 09 July 2021

This short presentation is culmination of my work from the last week.  Primary goal was to test the workflow and dive more into Unreal Engine 4 DMX plugin and see the integration with Chamsys light console.  Secondary goal was to learn more about optimization and see how project like this can be implemented into real-time environment. Light programming and overall visual appearance of the environment were not as important to me as much as testing all of the systems, but after this project, I feel comfortable and confident to start working on a more serious endeavor.  All in all, very proud of the final result, but still plenty of room for improvement. 


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