3D Graffiti Remake collab with a Grammy Award Winning Artist

Work In Progress / 21 April 2021
  • This is the first major collaboration between me and the House Music Legend and a Grammy Award Winning DJ and Producer, Roger Sanchez, also a graffiti artist from NYC, currently based in Miami.  
  • Several months ago, Roger Sanchez completed his 'Home' graffiti art and since we started working together recently, the idea of creating a 3D version of the graffiti came soon after the release.
  • Modeling was done in Autodesk Maya, but final render will be executed in Unreal Engine 4
  • In the next few paragraphs, I would like to show my workflow and explain where this projects is headed

Original Graffiti Art

Blockout Phase

  • The entire modeling process was done in Autodesk Maya
  • In this early phase, my goal was to create a simple Low-Poly blockout of lettering

Refinement Phase

  • After I was happy with the blockout and got the similar shapes, I started refining the shape

Detailing Phase

  • Detailing phase took most of my time since I had to be accurate with the extrusion and follow the original artwork style line

Finishing Phase

  • Adding the rest of the elements was really fun and as you can see, bamboo and roses are missing since I am currently working on modeling them

Concept Renders