Futuristic Motorcycle Concept

Work In Progress / 07 October 2021

Wireframe display of the latest model I did with my mentor, Mario Brajdich as part of his latest modeling course.


Disguise and UE4 Learning Quest

General / 06 September 2021

Edge Runner is a personal virtual production learning quest and a submission for Disguise and UE4 challenge. Mister Visual and I are joining forces on this first joint co-op together and the goal is to test out different workflows
and integration of r19 and UE4. 

Large UE5 Environment Blockout Stage - Set Dressing (FastTrack Course)

Work In Progress / 23 August 2021
  • Completed the set dressing for my Unreal Engine 5 scene as seen on FastTrack.
  • After the initial blockout from last week, I took some time to sculpt my hero assets in ZBrush and give them more interesting look.
  • Next on the roadmap is creating materials.

Large UE5 Environment Blockout Stage (FastTrack Course)

Work In Progress / 16 August 2021

After several days of constant modeling and adjusting the scene, finished with with the blockout stage of a scene as seen on a new and amazing course by FastTrack.

The entire scene is completely modular and consists out of around 30 strategically modeled assets.

The next stage of this project is diving deep into ZBrush and tell a story of these assets.

Unreal Engine 4 DMX Test

General / 09 July 2021

This short presentation is culmination of my work from the last week.  Primary goal was to test the workflow and dive more into Unreal Engine 4 DMX plugin and see the integration with Chamsys light console.  Secondary goal was to learn more about optimization and see how project like this can be implemented into real-time environment. Light programming and overall visual appearance of the environment were not as important to me as much as testing all of the systems, but after this project, I feel comfortable and confident to start working on a more serious endeavor.  All in all, very proud of the final result, but still plenty of room for improvement. 


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3D Graffiti Remake collab with a Grammy Award Winning Artist

Work In Progress / 21 April 2021
  • This is the first major collaboration between me and the House Music Legend and a Grammy Award Winning DJ and Producer, Roger Sanchez, also a graffiti artist from NYC, currently based in Miami.  
  • Several months ago, Roger Sanchez completed his 'Home' graffiti art and since we started working together recently, the idea of creating a 3D version of the graffiti came soon after the release.
  • Modeling was done in Autodesk Maya, but final render will be executed in Unreal Engine 4
  • In the next few paragraphs, I would like to show my workflow and explain where this projects is headed

Original Graffiti Art

Blockout Phase

  • The entire modeling process was done in Autodesk Maya
  • In this early phase, my goal was to create a simple Low-Poly blockout of lettering

Refinement Phase

  • After I was happy with the blockout and got the similar shapes, I started refining the shape

Detailing Phase

  • Detailing phase took most of my time since I had to be accurate with the extrusion and follow the original artwork style line

Finishing Phase

  • Adding the rest of the elements was really fun and as you can see, bamboo and roses are missing since I am currently working on modeling them

Concept Renders