WIP - Procedural Environment

Work In Progress / 07 July 2022
  • Fully Procedural environment, tech breakdown
  • Paths are procedurally generated
  • Areas with paths are smooth and have leveled elevation
  • Foliage does not grow on paths and automatically updates 
  • This project is a testing ground for a video game I am working on in Collaboration with Roger Sanchez. 

WIP - Houdini Modeling & UE5 Integration

Work In Progress / 07 July 2022

- Fully procedural Sci-Fi corridor for the upcoming Roger Sanchez music video inspired by TRON.

Sci-Fi Props

General / 07 July 2022
  • A collection of props inspired by Star Citizen. 
  • The models are high poly and ready for Movies and VFX usage.

Trim Sheets

General / 07 July 2022
  • A collection of trim sheets I created that will help me with adding details to my gaming environments, especially sci-fi and hard surface inspired environments. 

Realtime Foliage - Workflow Study

General / 06 July 2022
  • Some of the real-time ready foliage I created for the "Daft Mando" environment I am working on in collaboration with Roger Sanchez.

2021 - Achievements and Certificates

General / 16 May 2022

  • Summer of Unreal 2021 was an awesome experience as it was team-based and that was the first time that I ever worked in a team, in regards of 3D
  • We went through most of the aspects of UE such as materials, blueprints, animation and more.

Subdivision Modeling

General / 15 February 2022

  • Model of the vehicle and technical breakdown to be used for the Upcoming Roger Sanchez Music Video, inspired by TRON.

Roger Sanchez - Graffiti Collab

News / 08 February 2022
  • Collaboration with Roger Sanchez, Grammy Award Winning DJ and producer
  • The goal of the project was to create a 3D version of his "Real Life" painted graffiti called: "Home"